What’s Happening Next Week

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Thanks to the Because I am a Girl Club for raising over $100 today with their Fancy Fingers Nail Salon.  The money will go to help families in Nepal affected by the earthquake.

Mrs. Lapointe’s class went to Japan this week. Arigato!

What’s Happening Next Week:

Track and Field Practices start this week for grades 4- 6!

Tuesday:  POPCORN DAY!  High Jump practice at lunch in the gym; Mme Miller/Georgie-Embree’s class to Estuary (am)
Wednesday: Running Practice at lunch with Mme Lapp and Paxton; Mme Farstad and Verbeek’s classes to Estuary in morning, Mrs. Parker’s in the afternoon.
Thursday: Shot put and long jump practices at lunch; Mrs. Drinovz’ class is having a “Garage Sale” to raise money for people in developing countries. All items are $0.25, $0.50 or $1.00. It will be in their room between recess and lunch.
Friday: Did you know it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday?!