What’s happening this week

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Monday, January 25th :

  • Supervision: Parker and Parker
  • Carnaval de Quebec – Réné the Maple Man will be here all day and each class will participate in a one hour workshop. The workshop includes singing, dancing and learning how to make maple syrup.
  • Student Forum – 11:30 to 12:00 in the library
  • Band program in the gym 12:00 – 12:45

Tuesday, January 26th:

  • Supervision: Rolufs and Casey
  • SBT meeting at 8:10
  • Carnaval de Quebec – Folk Dancing in the Gym

Wednesday, January 27th:

  • Supervision: Wagnor and Buxton
  • Carnaval de Quebec – Games and singing in the gym

Thursday, January 28th:

  • Supervision: Lapp and Barlas
  • Carnaval de Quebec – La Chasse au Foux (School wide scavenger hunt) and closing ceremony in gym.
  • Hot Lunch Day

Friday, January 29th :

  • Curriculum Implementation Day – School not in session

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