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Monday, March 14th:

  • Supervision: Verbeek and Farstad
  • K-2 Concert rehearsal on stage in the gym

On Monday, we are going to place the students on the stage and get them used to walking on and off the riser. They will also have a chance to run their song on the stage. This will take place on Monday morning. I have time to see each class for 10 minutes. I would love to see each class at the following times:

Gregoire (Let’s Go) 9:10-9:20

Casey (Blast Off!) 9:20 – 9:30

Lapp (Prehistoric Hop) 9:30 – 9:40

Barlas (Big Red Fire Truck) 9:40 – 9:50

Buxton (A Pirate Adventure) 9:50 – 10:00

Roloufs (Anything Can Happen In a Fairytale) 10:00- 10:10

Lapointe (Take It To The Vet) 10:10-10:20

Wagner (Take It From Your Teachers) 10:20 – 10:30

  • Student Forum at 11:30
  • Band program at lunch
  • Reading Link Challenge in the gym at 1:15

Tuesday, March 15th:

  • Supervision: Miller/Verge and Castrillo
  • SBT meeting at 8:10
  • Open gym at lunch – Basketball
  • Rubik’s cube planning meeting at noon in Mrs. Mackenzie’s office

Wednesday, March 16th:

  • Supervision: Lapointe and Hoyrup
  • Open gym at lunch – dance
  • EA meeting at 3:15

Thursday, March 17th:

St. Patrick’s Day WEAR GREEN!

  • Supervision: Gregoire and Johnston
  • BOKS (Build Our Kids Success) activity program in the gym beginning at 8 am.
  • Open gym at lunch – Basketball
  • K-2 Spring Concert full run through dress rehearsal beginning at 1:30. Intermediate classes invited to watch
  • EA meeting after school at 3:15
  • Spring Concert performance at 6 pm

Friday, March 18th :

  • Supervision: Driznov and Reed
  • Twin Day
  • Band program at lunch
  • Hot Lunch
  • Assembly – Twin Day showcase and Rubik’s cube event

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