What’s happening this week –

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Monday, May 9th:

  • Supervision: Parker and Parker
  • Band program at lunch

Tuesday, May 10th:

  • Supervision: Rolufs and Lazar
  • SBT meeting at 8:10
  • Class and School Photo day
  • Final Popcorn day and Food Bank Drive
  • Practice concert – 1:30 pm
  • Orffestrations and Orchestrations Concert gr 3/4 students and 5/6 band students, 6 pm.

Wednesday, May 11th:

  • Supervision: Wagner and Buxton
  • Fruit and Veggie Day
  • Primary Bike Rodeo:

Rolufs- 9:10         Lapointe- 9:30      Buxton- 9:50

Gregoire- 10:10    Lazar-10:55          Lapp- 11:15

Barlas- 11:35       Wagner- 1:00       Layte- 1:20

Johnston-1:40      Hoyrup: 2:00

  • Estuary Field Trip: Miller/Verge, and Castrillo

Thursday, May 12th:

  • Supervision: Lapp and Barlas
  • BOKS (Build Our Kids Success) activity program in the gym beginning at 8 am.
  • Esturary Field Trip: Parkers, Verbeek, and Farstad

Friday, May 13th:

  • STSTA ProD – School not in session

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