What’s happening this week –

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Monday, May 23rd:

  • School not in session – Queen Victoria Day

Tuesday, May 24th:

  • Supervision: Rolufs and Lazar
  • SBT Team meeting at 8:10
  • Buxton’s class visiting public library 9:30 – noon
  • Track and Field practice at lunch: Shot Put and Long Jump
  • Mountain Bike Race at DRSS – 3:15

Wednesday, May 25th:

  • Supervision: Wagnor and Buxton
  • Ninja Fieldtrip: Mrs. Barlas and Mrs. Wagner
  • Healthy eating French Immersion gr 1/2 luncheon in Library 12:45 – 2:15
  • Track and Field practice at lunch: High Jump
  • School Learning Plan presentation 9:00 – noon in the library
  • Employee Recognition Luncheon at noon in the library

Thursday, May 26th:

  • Supervision: Lapp and Barlas
  • BOKS (Build Our Kids Success) activity program in the gym beginning at 8 am.
  • Band concert at 9:00 – Dunsmuir School
  • French Immersion Kindergarten Orientation 9:05 – noon in the library
  • Track Meet at DRSS

Friday, May 27th:

  • Supervision: Masterson and Brown
  • Hot Lunch Day
  • Sex Ed presentation
  • Swimming – French Immersion 5/6’s noon – 3 pm

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