What’s happening this week – January 30th – Feb 3rd

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Monday, January 30th:

  • Supervision: Parker and Parker
  • Carnaval week begins
  • FSA gr 4’s – long write

Tuesday, January 31st:

  • Supervision: Lapp and Barlas
  • BOKS program in gym at 8 am
  • FSA gr 4’s short write 11 – noon
  • Carnaval – whole school sing a long

Wednesday, February 1st:

  • Supervision: Regnier and Buxton
  • Carnaval: Whole school Folklore dancing
  • Staff meeting 3:15

Thursday, February 2nd:

  • Supervision: McPhee and Garlock
  • BOKS program in gym at 8 am
  • Carnaval: Mask making during class time
  • Rose at Well Ahead
  • Reading for everyone and viewing of the classic movie ‘Le chandail de Hockey’ from 3:00 to 5:00

Friday, February 3rd:

  • Supervision: Rolufs and Addis
  • Rose at Well Ahead
  • Glee club for Gr 5/6 students in the gym at lunch



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