What’s happening this week – February 6th – 10th

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Monday, February 6th:

  • Supervision: Verbeek and Farstad
  • EA meeting at 8:20
  • FSA numeracy on line section
  • Junior Ranger program in am: Barlas, Gregoire, Buxton and Rolufs

Tuesday, February 7th:

  • Supervision: Hoyrup and Johnston
  • BOKS program in gym at 8 am
  • Popcorn Day and Fruit and Veggie Day (kiwi)
  • Blueshore Financial presentation at 9 am: Regnier and Lapp
  • Choir practice at noon in music room

Wednesday, February 8th:

  • Supervision: Lapointe and Castrillo

Thursday, February 9th:

  • Supervision: Gregoire and Reed
  • BOKS program in gym at 8 am
  • Rose and Chris at Leadership mtg 1 pm

Friday, February 10th:

  • Supervision: Lazar and Miller/Matheson
  • X-Country skiing M Parker/H Parker
  • Glee club for Gr 5/6 students in the gym at lunch

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