Bike to Work/School Week.

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Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I forgot to mention in my weekly email that it is Bike to Work/School Week. thank you uber PAC chair Johanna Proudfoot for the reminder!

Please see  the link below for more info and cycling tips.

Just an FYI, I reminded all the grade 5/6 students about bike safety last week among other things which I will email tomorrow – ie. wearning a helment and walkng your bike across the street. Please remind your child as well and we will continue to remind students as they ride their bike to and from school.

Thank you in supproting this worthwhile initiative. Our school staff has a team and many of them will be riding to work as well. Alas,  a bit difficult for me as I commute from West Vancourver but I will there in spirit!

Enjoy the sunshine today and see you next week.



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