Welcome Back!

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The staff have been working hard to have the school ready for the students on Tuesday.  We welcome all students and families at Ecole Squamish Elementary School!  We have a lot of changes this year.

We welcome the following staff joining us this year:

  • Sarah Hain – Vice Principal
  • Katie Jones – K/1 English
  • Megan Brant – 1/2 English
  • Andrew Georgy-Embree – 3/4 English
  • Renee Krantz – ELL
  • Alisha Combs – ELL
  • Andrea Paquette – Fr. Imm
  • Heidi McClelland – Library
  • Marija Bonner – Learning Support
  • Jodie Petruzzellis – School Counselor
  • Carrie Strangway – School Psychologist


Here are some details for the opening day, Tues, Sept 4, 2018

Reporting to class.

  • The Gr.1 to 6 students will report to their last year’s classes at 8:55 am. They will be dismissed at 10 am.
  • Students who had Ms Roy will be with Ms Jones in Room 119 (downstairs).
  • Students who had Ms Johnston will be with Mr. Georgy-Embree in Room 208 (upstairs).
  • Students who had Ms Brown will be in Room 150 (new wing).
  • Ms Lapp will be in Room 202 (upstairs).
  • Ms Rolufs will be in Room 149 (new wing).
  • Castrillo will be in Room 214 (new wing).
  • Kindergarten Group One is starting school on Wed, Sept 5th at 9:15 am. (En – gym, Fr Imm – library)
  • Kindergarten Group Two is starting school on Wed, Sept 5th at 1:30 pm. (En – gym, Fr Imm – library)
  • All NEW students, please report to the gym for class placement.



  • The bus service will be available on Tues for students from North Yards, Britannia and Stawamus Reserve. There will not be a bus service for curtesy riders.
  • The bus will pick up at normal time and will leave school at 10 am on Tues.

Walkers and bikers

  • Please use the two pathways as outlined in the handout sent home earlier. The entrance in the middle of the construction is for cars only.
  • We encourage walking and biking to reduce congestion.

School Fees

  • The school fee is $40 per child. Cash or cheque will be accepted starting Mon, Sept 10th.  The students can bring the payment to the classroom teacher.  There will be instrument purchases for the music program later for students.

Full days of school starts on Wed.  Please pack your snacks and lunch.

We look forward to teaching and learning together this year!


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