What’s Happening at SQE week of Nov 12th to Nov 16th

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Caring, Kind, Friendly and Safe…

Dear Families,

Remembrance Day Assembly

What a wonderful ceremony today. Thank you to Mrs. Parker and Mme Nagowska for organizing the assembly, Mr. Georgy-Embree for the music and the Leadership students.  Thank you to all staff who worked with the students to make it appropriately calm and solemn occasion.

Remembrance Day Holiday

Monday is the Remembrance Day Holiday.  The school will be closed.


The intermediate students are attending a Vancouver Symphony Orchestra concert on Wed.  Thank you to Ms McPhee for organizing.  The students are to pack bus-friendly snacks and lunches.

Be Active Everyday Speaker

There will be a follow up session on Thurs for those classes that participated.

Clan meeting

The Friday’s Clan meeting will focus on the idea of “Acceptance”.


Announcers:  Katrina Read, Winter Robichaud

Office Monitors: James Sjogren, Brayden Generous


Mon, Nov 12th

  • Remembrance Day holiday

Tues, Nov 13th

  • BOKS am
  • Intramural soccer – lunch

Wed, Nov 14th

  • Aikido – 7:50 am
  • Intramural soccer – lunch

Thurs, Nov 15th

  • BOKS – am
  • Be Active Everyday presentation – part 2
  • Dance Club – lunch – music room
  • Art Club – lunch group 2

Fri, Nov 16th

  • Clan meeting – Acceptance – 11 am
  • Glee Club – lunch – music room

Enjoy the long weekend!

Ji Ai Cho


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