What’s Happening at ESQE week of May 27th to May 31st

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Caring, Kind, Friendly and Safe…

Dear Families,

Bike Rodeo
Thank you to the Rotary Club of Squamish for the Bike Rodeo.

Unity Assembly
Thank you to all the participants for the assembly. Thank you to Mme Lazar and Mr. Dion’s classes for organizing.

Bike to School Week – May 27 to 31
We are encouraging every student and staff member to ride to school. We will be tracking the number of riders each day. Talk to your family and friends and find a group of people that you can ride to school with. There will be draws for prizes for students who participate!

KLO Band and Choir
We welcome the KLO (Kelowna Land & Orchard) band and choir who will be coming to perform for us on Wed, May 29th at 9 am. The KLO Middle School is a Grades 7-9 French Immersion middle school located in the central part of Kelowna BC with an enrollment 870 students. For many years KLO Middle School has had a strong Band and Choir program with an enrollment between 250-300 band students each year. There will be 3 groups performing – the Honours Grade 8 Jazz Band, the Choir, and the Gr. 9 Band.

Class reviews
The class reviews are on Mon and Wed next week in order track learning this year and to plan for next year.

Kids in the Ditch
Students are reminded not to play in the ditch on Buckley Ave. It’s dangerous with all the cars.

Forest and Trail
A reminder that the students are not allowed in the forest or the trail during recess and lunch.

No more hassles with cash or cheque. We encourage all parents to register for online payments.

Online School Payments

Follow us on Twitter @SQELearning

Announcers: Seia McWatt, Joy Lee
Office Monitors: Sydney Russell, Hannah Askew

Mon, May 27
 Bike to school week starts
 Class reviews

Tues, May 28
 BOKS – am
 Dream Team – lunch
 Intermediate track & field – lunch

Wed, May 29
 Class reviews
 KLO performance – 9 am

Thurs, May 30
 BOKS – am
 FT – Science World (Lazar, Benson, Verbeek, Cho)
 Dance Club – lunch, music room
 Intermediate track & field – lunch
 Big Brothers Big Sisters – 2 pm
 Mt Bike Club – after school

Fri, May 31
 Swimming – Rolufs, Gregoire
 Primary track & field – lunch
 Drumming – pm

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ji Ai Cho

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