What’s Happening at ESQE week of June 10th to 14th

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Caring, Kind, Friendly and Safe…

Dear Families,

Camp Latona

Thank you to Mme Lapp, Mme Garlock, Mme Paquette, Mr. Parker and parent volunteers for this wonderful experience for our students.  Everyone had a great time!

Squamish Search and Rescue

There will be presentations from the SAR on Tues for some of our classes.

Primary Track Meet

The Primary Track Meet is on Thurs afterschool.  Thank you to Ms Miller, Ms Cranston and Ms Noaro for coaching.

PAC Staff Lunch

Thank you to the PAC for the staff luncheon on Wed.  We really appreciate it.

Sports Day

The annual Sports Day is Friday.  Please wear your clan colors:   Eagles – Blue, Salmon – Red, Wolf – Green, Bear – Yellow.  Hot lunch will be served at noon.

Check in Challenge

What did the pepperoni say to the cheese?

Slice to meat you!

The first class to return all books to the library gets a pizza lunch by Ms Cornish.

Check-in Challenge is underway, please return your books by Fri, June 14th!


No more hassles with cash or cheque.  We encourage all parents to register for online payments.



Follow us on Twitter @SQELearning

Announcers:  Claudia Drake, Sydney Russell

Office Monitors: Claudia Drake, Molly Hallenby

Mon, June 10

  • Aikido – 7:50 am

Tues, June 11

  • BOKS – am

Wed, June 12

  • Aikido – 7:50 am
  • PAC Staff luncheon
  • Swimming – Rolufs, Gregoire

Thurs, June 13

  • BOKS – am
  • Primary Track Meet – afterschool

Fri, June 14

  • Sports Day
  • Hot lunch

Sun, June 16

  • Father’s Day

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ji Ai Cho


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