What’s Happening at ESQE week of June 24th  to 28th  

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Caring, Kind, Friendly and Safe…

Dear Families,

National Indigenous Peoples Day

The school celebrated the National Indigenous Peoples Day today. The students were involved with clan activities including slahal bone game, storytelling and pictographs, longball, drumming and dancing.  It was nice to host families for a picnic lunch.  As well, we were treated to a performance by a group from Cultural Journeys. Thank you to all staff to for a wonderful day.  Thank you to Mme Lapp and Ms Lydia for their leadership.

 Year End Assembly

We will be having a Year End assembly at 11 am on Tues, the 25th.  We will also be saying goodbye to our Gr. 6s. There will be a Gr. 6 parade at 1:30.

Office Monitors Luncheon

Thank you to the office monitors who helped at lunch time.  To show our appreciation, there will be lunch for you on Tue, June 25th.

Parent Appreciation Tea

The staff will be hosting a Parent Appreciation Tea for all parent volunteers on Thurs, Jun 27th at 9 am.  We appreciate all that you do for our school.  Thank you to Mme Regnier for organizing.

Report Cards and Early Dismissal

On Thurs, June 27th is the last day of school for the students.  The report cards will be distributed and there will be an early dismissal at 10 am.

Last day of bussing

There will not be bus service home for courtesy riders at 10:00 on Thursday, the last day of school. There will be a bus from SQE to North Yards only and a bus from SQE to Stawamus Reserve and Britannia but it will not be going into Valleycliffe.


No more hassles with cash or cheque.  We encourage all parents to register for online payments.



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Announcers:  Molly Haldenby, Hannah Askew

Office Monitors: Camila Vivanco, Prabhleen Nijjar

 Mon, June 24

  • Alice Lake FT – Farstad, Gregoire, Brant, Regnier, Castrillo, Georgy-Embree, Hoyrup, Regnier
  • Smoke Bluffs hike – H Parker

Tues, June 25

  • BOKS – am – last session
  • Year end assembly – 11 am
  • Office Monitor Luncheon
  • 6 parade – 1:30 pm

Wed, June 26

  • Playland FT – Parker2
  • FT – Alice Lake (Lapp, Garlock, Dion)

Thurs, June 27

  • Volunteer Parent Appreciation Tea – 9 to 10 am
  • Early dismissal at 10 am
  • Report Cards go home
  • Last day of school for students

Fri, June 28

  • Administration day

Summer holidays begin!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ji Ai Cho


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