What’s Happening at SQE week of Oct 14th to Oct 17th

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Caring, Kind, Friendly and Safe…

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Early Dismissal and Parent Teacher Interviews/Student-led Conference
On Oct 23 and 24, the students will be dismissed at 2 pm each day to accommodate Parent Teacher Interviews/Student-led Conference. Please book your appointments online:

You can also call the office if you are not able to use the online system.

Cross Country Team
The practices are on T, W, and Th at lunch for Gr. 3 to 6 students. Thank you to Mr. Parker coaching. We had our first meet at GHE yesterday. These are the future meets. Thursday, October 17th in Whistler and Wednesday, October 23th in Pemberton (changed from the 24th)

Mini Cross Country Team
Cross Country team for grades Kindergarten to Gr. 2 will practice on Fridays. The race will be on Oct 22 at 3:30 pm. Thank you to Ms Cranston-Horsley, Ms Noaro and Ms Dirks for coaching.

Lockdown Drill
Tues, at 11:50, we are going to have a lockdown drill.

School-wide Write
The School-wide write is on all next week.

Hotlunch & Spirit Day
The hotlunch is on Fri next week. It’s also Crazy Hair Day.

Author Kit Pearson
Kit Pearson is speaking to the Gr. 6s next Fri.

Student Vote
Next week, we are holding a Student Vote for the federal election.

Thankgsgiving Monday
A reminder that Monday is a holiday.

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Announcers: Gavin and Kevin
Office Monitors: Kayden and Eilidh
Playground Buddies for Kindergarten Students: Lauren, Sage, Alix, Ailish, Gene, Maple Brielle and Juliet.

Mon, Oct 14th
 Thanksgiving Monday holiday

Tues, Oct 15th
 BOKS am
 School-wide write starts
 Lockdown drill – 11:50 am
 Intermediate Cross Country at lunch

Wed, Oct 16th
 Intermediate Cross Country at lunch

Thurs, Oct 17th
 BOKS – am
 Intermediate Cross Country at lunch
 Drumming group – 2:30 pm
 Cross Country meet – in Whistler

Fri, Oct 18th
 Crazy Hair Day
 Author – Kit Pearson
 Primary Cross Country at lunch
 Art Club at lunch
 Hot lunch
Enjoy the long weekend!
Ji Ai Cho

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