What’s Happening at SQE week of Mar 30th to Apr 3rd   

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Caring, Kind, Friendly and Safe…

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Hi SQE family!  Hopefully this brings a smile to your face.
Social distancing is hard, but one of the positives is that it is the perfect time to get lost in a good book.  I’m not sure what my job as an elementary school librarian will look like following spring break, but I intend to share any and all of the resources I come across to help with your learning at home journey.  The best way I know how to communicate with parents is through social media and our school website, so I’m hoping as to get as many families as possible checking on the school website and following our accounts.
Twitter @SQE_Library
Instagram sqe_library
Stay healthy, enjoy your family, read, relax, and be kind.
Ms. Antonios


Staffing News

We welcome Erin Cammell.  She is a Fr. Imm teacher from SD38 and she will be starting in April for Mme Roluf’s medical and maternity leave.  Also, welcome to Danielle Soto who has joined our EA team.

Spring Break

We will be enjoying two weeks of holiday from Mar 18th to 27th.  The school will re-open on Mar 30th.

Reading Link Challenge

Congratulations to the NBA Elephants.  They placed second in the competition.

Kindergarteners at the Back

The Kindergarten students will be allowed to play in the back of the school after Spring Break.


Students are reminded that they can be in the forest only with adult supervision.  They are not allowed to be in the forest at recess or lunch.

Clan meeting

There will be a Clan meeting on Fri, Apr. 3rd.

PAC Corner:

Dance in Schools

All students will be participating in the PAC funded ‘Dance in Schools’ program after Spring Break. All classes will receive instruction in a flash mob style dance event. Parents will be invited to see finished product on Friday April 3 (more details to follow). For Friday’s performance, it would be great to have children in black pants and the following coloured shirts:

Div 9,10,11 – Red

Div 1,2,3 – Pink (or white if they don’t have pink)

Div 4,12,13 – Yellow or orange

Div 5,6,14 – Green

Div 15,16 – Blue

Div 17,18 – White

Div 7, 8 – Black

Outdoor Classroom

There will be a big push for work to be completed on our Outdoor Classroom over Spring Break. We hope to have phase 1 & 2 ready for use by mid-April.


Follow us on Twitter @SQELearning

Announcers: Lauren and Madeline

Office Monitors: Veronica and Alix

Mon, Mar 30th

  • School re-opens from Spring Break
  • Dance In Schools starts

Tues, Mar 31st

  • BOKS – am

Wed, Apr 1st

Thurs, Apr 2nd

  • BOKS – am
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters – 2 pm
  • Drumming group – 2:30 pm

Fri, Apr 3rd

  • Clan meeting – 11 am
  • Dance in Schools performance

Have a safe and relaxing Spring Break!


Ji Ai Cho


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