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April 7, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We wanted to update you on what the school has been working on for your children’s learning this past week.

The staff have been very busy making contact with you and the students.  Many of you have expressed how you appreciate the personal connections as well as group connections that the students are making again.  The staff have been busy this week collaborating and experimenting with various platforms, programs, websites and apps. As well, we are happy to report that we have lent out over seventy devices for those families without technology at home for their children’s learning.

In the meantime, the teachers are reaching out to the students individually as well as in groups and are in the process of establishing routines and schedules for learning.  We appreciate the cooperation of the parents and guardians on this.  Some staff are video recording and then sharing their lessons.  Other teachers are in the process of involving students in inquiry based, open–ended projects. We are all focusing on differentiating and personalizing learning for each child. Additionally, the non-enrolling teacher and support staff are helping the teachers with their research, student learning and making connections.  As important, we are looking for opportunities for students to learn non-electronically.

During these difficult times, it is very important to acknowledge the need for students and families to balance work, family life and school.  We don’t want to add to the children’s stress but we feel that it is important to keep routines and schedules and help them cope socially, emotionally and with the learning.  Keeping connections with their teachers, EAs and peers is vital to their mental health.  Please feel free to give the staff feedback on what you and the children are experiencing.

Going forward, staff will regular contact with the students to guide and monitor their learning.  We miss having the children in the school very much…

As mentioned on the letter earlier, if you need help with groceries, please contact the office for help.  If your children need social emotional support, please let us know as well.  Please reach out to us.  We are here to help in any way we can.



Ji Ai Cho


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