April 15 letter home

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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Here is an update for you on what the school has been working on for your children’s learning this past week.

The staff have been working hard to establish a routine for the children’s learning.  By the end of this week, the teachers and support staff will have a weekly schedule for class meetings as well as individual meetings with each child. If regular contact has been difficult for your family and children, please email your teachers for the best way to meet one on one virtually with your children.

To get some feedback on how the teaching/learning is going, we are asking you to participate in a survey.  Please follow the link to complete the survey.  This will help us plan going forward.  As well, we will be sending an email to the parents of Gr. 6 students so that the students can also give us feedback too.  We would appreciate you letting the Gr. 6 students to have access to their survey.

Here is the link to the Parent Feedback Survey:


On Mon, April 20, for the ProD day, the staff will be learning with Rhonda O’Grady about teaching outdoors.  We hope to utilize our  beautiful Outdoor Classroom soon.  It’s coming along nicely thanks to the PAC and the Outdoor Classroom Committee.

Lastly, Ms Plathan, our secretary has been working hard to get our Yearbook ready.  Two weeks remain until the order deadline which will be on Monday May 4th.  The Yearbook would be a great memorabilia especially for our Gr. 6 students.  The yearbook is $25.  Just follow the link:

ybpay.lifetouch.ca (make sure you use .ca not .com)      Our School ID Code is 13845520

The staff is continuing to learn different ways to support student learning. One area of focus is to encourage students to learn offline as well as online. As well, several teachers have started student inquiry projects where the students are involved in deeper learning opportunities.

We wish you and your family well.


Ji Ai Cho


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