May 5th Letter home

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May 5, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope that you and your family are enjoying the beautiful weather.

This week, we are working hard to continue supporting the children with their learning.  While the majority of the children are learning remotely, we have some students who are not engaging.  Therefore, we will be asking those students to come in a few times a week for short periods of time to work with staff face to face.  We don’t want to have these children become vulnerable as learners.  We have all the safety protocols in place to ensure that everyone is comfortable but safe at school.  To ensure safety, any staff or student unwell are asked not to come to school.

On Friday, the staff will be involved with professional learning.  Many of us are learning about the Daily 5 and Math Daily 3.  Here is the link if you would like to find out more.  Some of us are continuing to learn more about virtual teaching/learning opportunities.

Last Fri, we went to visit the children of Mme Lazar’s class with homemade lunches.  We were delighted to see the children and I think the feeling was mutual.  We are going to deliver lunches to Ms Flamank’s students this Thurs.  We hope to continue making lunches for each class, visit the students and continue making connections.  Thank you to Ms Plathan for masterminding the event.

As well, I want to share with you a short, mindful art-based activities that parents and children can do together.  Thank you to our counsellor, Jodie Petruzellis for sharing.   This video will provide you with another opportunity to connect and build positive experiences while being at home together. This particular activity can be done with children from preschool up to 12 years old. Please when taking part in the activity try to take a curious stance, stay calm, and say little. At the end, together, you and your child can take the time to notice what you have created and what it felt like to draw together.  Finally, you can find a special place in the house to hang the drawing.  For the instructions, please go to  Also, if you or your family members any need social emotional support, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Petruzellis at 604-213-1947.

I have also started to make and post videos on various science topics.  Recently, I heard that some of the primary students were experimenting with making volcanoes at home.  So, I thought that I could make a video about testing for acids and bases using purple cabbage juice.  Thank you to Ms Pender for recording.  If you are interested in viewing, here is the link:  Some of the children may want to try this at home with you.  I will be posting a new video every week.

We wish you and your family well.  We miss the children very much.


Ji Ai Cho


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