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May 12, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This week, it was our pleasure to greet some of the students back at school.  For example, Mme Farstad had small groups of students come and garden with her.  As well, we are working with a few students a few times a week for short periods of time face to face to engage and continue with their learning.  We are so happy to see them and they seem to be enjoying this opportunity.  We thank all the staff for working so hard with the students remotely and in person.  We have all the safety protocols in place to ensure that everyone is comfortable but safe at school.  I have attached the ESQE COVID-19 School Health and Safety Plan for Small Student Groups.  Please read it over and discuss it with your children.  Thank you to the school’s Health and Safety committee for working on the protocols.

As per Ministry of Education’s BC’s Restart Plan, this week, the staff is working on school site at least one day.  During next week, the staff will be at school at least two days and on the last week of May, we are all here working to get ready to welcome our students.  At this time, we are uncertain about the days that the students are to return part time at school.  As soon as the date is known, we will let the families know.

This week’s two science videos involve these questions:  how is the water cycle related to weather, especially precipation? Why are clouds white?  What is a rainbow?  If you are interested in viewing, here is the link:

We wish you and your family well.  We miss the children very much.


Ji Ai Cho



SD 48 Google Classroom Support for Parents

In an effort to help parents better understand Google Classroom, we’ve included new resources to our:

SD #48 site: Resources for Parents ( section and

Online Teaching and Learning Support website (


Library News

Where in the world is my teacher? Où est mon professeur dans le monde?

Can you figure out where all these SQE teachers are dreaming of traveling to? Take the Quiz:

I hope you have fun participating in this quiz!  Be sure to check out hundreds of online non-fiction EPIC! books about all different countries around the world, in both English and French!  Go to:

Other great resources for online books, activities and much more can be found on the SQE Library Website!

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