Getting to School

Our students come to school in a variety of ways. Students who live near by usually walk or ride their bikes. Students who live in the North Yards area are entitled to s ride on the big yellow school bus! Students who live in other neighbourhoods, outside of our catchment, are able to take a school bus if there is room (please see Courtesy Rider form). Many students come via public transit. Transit passes are available for sale at the school office. They are $20 for one month.

Courtesy Rider Application Form

When students are driven to school, our parking lot and driveways get very congested. These are the rules drivers: Please park in a parking spot and come meet your child by his/her exit door. Say hello to Mrs. Paxton and Mrs. Reed while you are there. We love to see you. Or, arrange to meet your child of site – in a safe place like at the crosswalk on Buckley Avenue. If you drive into the parking lot, please do not park or idle anywhere you see a yellow curb. And please ask your child not to dart through traffic to get to the car. We thank you for you patience and cooperation.