What’s happening on the week of Sept 9 to 13

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What’s Happening at SQE week of Sept 9th to 13th

Caring, Kind, Friendly and Safe…

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We have had a successful first week of school!  We have welcomed back the staff and students from last year as well as the new staff, students and the new Kindergarteners. We are excited to start our journey of learning together.

Staffing memo:

We welcome the following staff joining us this year:

  • Barbara Busalacchi – Vice Principal
  • Catherine Flamank – K/1 English
  • Laura Pender – 1/2 English
  • Sarah McQueen & Kim Benson – 1/2 English
  • Jesse Hackett– 3/4 English
  • Andreea Petre – K/1 Fr Imm
  • Andrea Paquette – 5/6 – Fr Imm
  • Charles –Ulysse Latour-Levasseur – teaching partner for Geneen Lazar & Jenn Rolufs (until the return of a maternity leave)
  • Jeremy Blumel – Collaborative Support Teacher
  • Amanda Manke – ELL (medical leave coverage)
  • Katie Morris – Learning Support
  • Raelene Antonios – Library/ELL

Classroom Placement Procedure

In our district, we have strong beliefs about creating safe, powerful and purposeful learning environments.  Additionally, we strongly believe that diversity in the learners is a strength.  That means that staff seriously consider all aspects of child development and building environments that maximize the diversity of strengths across classrooms. Our staff began this process last spring and completed this week.  If you have concerns about your child’s placement, pleas hold onto them for a couple of weeks.   This gives you and your child time to settle into the classroom and sort out any challenges you may feel.  If you are still concerned after two weeks, please contact Ms Cho directly and we will work with your family to see what needs to be done to support your child’s learning.

School Goals

If our school community contributes to an inclusive and powerful learning environment, then our students will feel an increased sense of belonging and engagement.

Students will develop as healthy individuals who contribute to the community by taking ownership of their actions and learning.

Bell Schedule

            8:50 am                       Warning bell

            8:55                             School starts

            10:35  – 10:50             Recess

            10:50                          Class

            12:05  – 1 pm             Lunch

                                                (40 min play first, 15 min eat)

            1:00                             Class

            3:00                             Dismissal

Please do your best to be punctual.  If you are late, please check in at the office.

School Fee

School fee for supplies is $40 per student.  Please pay online


Cash or cheque can be brought to the classroom teacher.


Parent volunteers are needed for picking up and distributing lunches once a week.  If you are able to help, please sign up in the office.


Students with skinny /no lunches –  we have milk, veggies, fruits, granola bars, cheese sticks and sandwiches available starting Monday.  Thank you to Helping Hands for their support.

Outdoor Classroom progress report

We are very excited that the work on the Outdoor Classroom has started!  We passed inspection by the engineer and the District of Squamish. We will be scheduling the pouring of the concrete.  Thank you to BOSA for the concrete donation.

Forest access

The students are welcome in the forest provided that they are accompanied by their teachers.  During recess and lunch, they are not allowed in the forest.  Also, we don’t want them going on the trails because we can’t see them.

Kids in the Halls

During recess and lunch, we are expecting the students to be outside playing.  Please do not hang out in the halls or in the lobby.

Gaga Ball Rules

All Players start with one hand touching a wall of the pit.  When the ball enters the pit, the players scream “Ga” for the first bounce, “Ga” for second bounce and “Ball” on the third bounce.  Once the ball is in play, any player can hit the ball with an open or closed hand. If a ball touches a player below the knee (even if the player hits himself or herself), he or she is out and leaves the pit.  If a player is hit above the knees, the play continues. If a ball is caught on a fly, the player who hit the ball towards them, they are out. Using the walls of the octagon to aid in jumping is legal as long as the player does not sit on the ledge of the octagon.  Players cannot hold the ball.

Welcome BBQ

Mark the date in your calendar! The welcome BBQ is scheduled for Thurs, Sept 19th from 6 pm to 8 pm. The school will provide the hamburgers, hotdogs and veggie burgers.  The families are asked to bring a side dish to share.  Everyone is welcome!

PAC (Parent Advisory Council)

The PAC at Squamish Elementary is a great way to be involved in your child’s school experience. Come work with a fun, active, passionate and collaborative team of parents. You can contribute however much or little time as you want/can. It is a very welcoming group and we love having new members. We meet monthly for a few hours. Join us September 26th at 6pm in the school library for our first meeting of the year. Childcare is provided. We hope to see you there. Feel free to message if you have any questions.

Criminal Records Check

If you want to volunteer for fieldtrips, you will need an up to date Criminal Records Check. The results will be sent to our office in 1-2 weeks.

Please register online free of charge:    https://justice.gov.bc.ca/eCRC/home.htm

Access code is 5ZG9W9RNZ9

Christmas Rummage Sale

The school has just started but the PAC is thinking Christmas!  While everyone is reorganizing and going through and getting rid of old things, please keep in mind that we will need lots of donations for the Christmas Rummage Sale.  The children will have a chance to buy gifts for their family members at the Rummage Sale at super low prices!


Follow us on Twitter @SQELearning

Announcers:  Rian and Alyssa

Office Monitors: Bhavnoor and Faith

Mon, Sept 9

  • Kindergarten – 9:15 am to noon

Tues, Sept 10

  • Full Day Kindergarten

Wed, Sept 11

Thurs, Sept 12

  • Welcome Assembly – 11 am

Fri, Sept 13

  • First Clan meeting – 11 am

Enjoy the weekend!

Ji Ai Cho


Welcome back!

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

We hope that you had a wonderful summer!  I can’t believe that it’s that time of the year already…

Here is some information that will be helpful for the first week.

As well, here are the links to some useful information to have children get ready:





The staff have been working hard to have the school ready for the students on Tuesday. We welcome all students and families at École Squamish Elementary School! We have a lot of changes this year.

A Welcome from Ms. Busalacchi

Hello SQE Families! I am looking forward to working with you this year as the vice principal. In addition, I will be teaching art and drama so I will have a chance to get to know all of our wonderful students. See you next week! Sincerely, Ms. Busalacchi

 We welcome the following staff joining us this year:

Barbara Busalacchi – Vice Principal

Sarah McQueen – 1/2 English

TBD – K/1 English

TBD – 1/2 English

Andreea Petre – K/1 Fr. Imm

Jesse Hackett – 3/4 English

Andrea Paquette – 5/6 Fr. Imm

Raelene Antonio – Library, ELL (welcome back!)

TBD – Learning Support English

Jeremy Blumel – Collaborative Support Teacher

Here are some details for the opening day, Tues, Sept 3, 2019

Reporting to class:

The Gr.1 to 6 students will report to their last year’s classes at 8:55 am. They will be dismissed at 10 am.

Students who had Ms. Jones will be with Ms. McQueen in the same room.

Students who had Ms. Busschaert will be in the same room.

Students who had Mme. Nagowska/Mme. Benson will be with Mme. Petre in the same room.

Students who had Ms. Brant will be in Room 215.

Students who had Mr. Georgy-Embree will be in Room 150.

Students who had Ms. Hoyrup will be with Mr. Hackett in Room 209.

Students who had Ms. Lapp will be with Ms. Paquette in the same room.

Kindergarten – Wed, Sept 4th & Th, Sept 5th at 12:50 to 2:45 pm. (En – Ms Lapointe’s room #109, Fr Imm – library).

Kindergarten – Fri, Sept 6th & Mon, Sept 9th at 9:15 to noon.

All NEW students, please report to the gym for class placement.


The bus service will be available on Tues for students from North Yards, Britannia and Stawamus Reserve. There will not be a bus service for curtesy riders.

The bus will pick up at normal time and will leave school at 10:07am on Tues.


Walkers and bikers

Please use the walking pathways. The entrance in the middle of the construction is for cars only.

We encourage walking and biking to reduce congestion.


School Fees

The school fee is $40 per child.  It takes time to set up the system.  When instructed, please use https://sd48seatosky.org/online-payments/

Cash or cheque will be accepted starting Mon, Sept 9th. The students can bring the payment to the classroom teacher. There will be instrument purchases for the music program later for students.

Full days of school starts on Wed, 4th for Gr. 1-6 students. Please pack your snacks and lunch.


Tuesday, September 3rd

-School opens 8:55

-New students go to gym – they will be helped to go to their classes

-Students return to last year’s teachers (with some changes noted above)

-Teachers new to school will be assigned classes

-Students dismissed at 10 am

Wednesday, September 4th

-Full day of class (students return to class they were in yesterday)

-Kindergarten gradual entry begins – 12:50 to 2:45 pm


Thursday, September 5th

-Full day of class (students return to class they were in yesterday)

-Kindergarten – 12:50 to 2:45

Friday, September 6th

-Students return to class they were in Thurs and teachers will send students to their new classes

-Kindergarten – 9:15 to noon


Mon, Sept 9th

-Kindergarten – 9:15 to noon

Tues, Sept 10th

-Everyone in full day


We look forward to teaching and learning together this year!

September Plans

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Dear Families,

For our Sept 3rd start to the new school year, we are welcoming our returning students for one hour that day from 9 to 10 am that day.  The students are to go to their class from this past year for attendance.  For the new students to our school, we will be meeting them in the gym then guiding them to their classes.

From Wed, Sept 4th, we will be in full day session.

8:50                            Warning bell

8:55                           Class starts

10:35 to 10:50          Recess

10:50 to 12:05          Class

12:05 to 1:00            Lunch (play first 12:05 to 12:45, eat later12:45 to 1)

1:00 to 3:00              Class

We hope to have all students in new classes by Friday.


For our Kindergartners, we are planning a gradual entry.

Wednesday, September 4th          12:50 – 2:45 pm (bring a lunch)

Thursday, September 5th              12:50 – 2:45 pm (bring a lunch)

Friday, September 6th                    9:15 – noon (bring a snack)

Monday, September 9th                 9:15 – noon (bring a snack)

Tuesday, September 10th               8:55-3:00 (start full days! Bring a snack and a lunch)



Wishing you a wonderful summer!

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Dear Families,

We had our final day of school today.  The Parent Volunteer Tea was lovely today.  We appreciate their generosity with time for our school.

We also said good-bye to some of our staff as well as welcoming some new.

I would like to introduce our new Vice Pricipal Barbara Busalacchi.

Here is a little intro she sent us:

After teaching elementary school for 14 years in California and earning a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology, I followed the call of the mountains and moved to Whistler. I was privileged to work, learn and play on the territory of the St’at’yemc Nation for the last 10 years. I enjoyed working for the Líl̓wat Nation at the Ts’zil Adult Learning Centre in Mount Currie as the Cultural Video Production Program co-creator/instructor, the Education Coordinator and the Manager of the Trades and Training program. In addition, I was a Capilano University instructor at Ts’zil teaching Career Planning courses. To learn more about the Líl̓wat Nation and their language (Ucwalmícwts), I enrolled in the Líl̓wat Language and Culture Certificate Program through Capilano University and should graduate this December.

In August 2017, I decided to return to my roots in public elementary school and joined SD 48 as the Vice Principal of Signal Hill Elementary in Pemberton. The best part of my job has been learning with the children of my friends, co-workers and former Ts’zil students. I am looking forward to working at Squamish Elementary School, meeting the community and learning more about the Squamish Nation.

 On behalf of our staff, we wish you a wonderful summer.  The office will be open from Aug 26th in preparation for school opening.

Ji Ai Cho




 What’s Happening at ESQE week of June 24th  to 28th  

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Caring, Kind, Friendly and Safe…

Dear Families,

National Indigenous Peoples Day

The school celebrated the National Indigenous Peoples Day today. The students were involved with clan activities including slahal bone game, storytelling and pictographs, longball, drumming and dancing.  It was nice to host families for a picnic lunch.  As well, we were treated to a performance by a group from Cultural Journeys. Thank you to all staff to for a wonderful day.  Thank you to Mme Lapp and Ms Lydia for their leadership.

 Year End Assembly

We will be having a Year End assembly at 11 am on Tues, the 25th.  We will also be saying goodbye to our Gr. 6s. There will be a Gr. 6 parade at 1:30.

Office Monitors Luncheon

Thank you to the office monitors who helped at lunch time.  To show our appreciation, there will be lunch for you on Tue, June 25th.

Parent Appreciation Tea

The staff will be hosting a Parent Appreciation Tea for all parent volunteers on Thurs, Jun 27th at 9 am.  We appreciate all that you do for our school.  Thank you to Mme Regnier for organizing.

Report Cards and Early Dismissal

On Thurs, June 27th is the last day of school for the students.  The report cards will be distributed and there will be an early dismissal at 10 am.

Last day of bussing

There will not be bus service home for courtesy riders at 10:00 on Thursday, the last day of school. There will be a bus from SQE to North Yards only and a bus from SQE to Stawamus Reserve and Britannia but it will not be going into Valleycliffe.


No more hassles with cash or cheque.  We encourage all parents to register for online payments.



Follow us on Twitter @SQELearning

Announcers:  Molly Haldenby, Hannah Askew

Office Monitors: Camila Vivanco, Prabhleen Nijjar

 Mon, June 24

  • Alice Lake FT – Farstad, Gregoire, Brant, Regnier, Castrillo, Georgy-Embree, Hoyrup, Regnier
  • Smoke Bluffs hike – H Parker

Tues, June 25

  • BOKS – am – last session
  • Year end assembly – 11 am
  • Office Monitor Luncheon
  • 6 parade – 1:30 pm

Wed, June 26

  • Playland FT – Parker2
  • FT – Alice Lake (Lapp, Garlock, Dion)

Thurs, June 27

  • Volunteer Parent Appreciation Tea – 9 to 10 am
  • Early dismissal at 10 am
  • Report Cards go home
  • Last day of school for students

Fri, June 28

  • Administration day

Summer holidays begin!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ji Ai Cho