Spring Break!

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The Book Minions are victorious! Reading Link Challenge 2014

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What’s Happening: March 10th – 14th

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Monday: Booster Juice pre-orders delivered at lunch; Girls’ Basketball at Lunch; Mrs. Fanzega’s class swimming at 1:15; Reading Link Challenge at 7 pm at Eagle Eye Theatre, HSSS.
Tuesday: Early Dismissal for Meetings with Teachers 2 pm.
Wednesday: Because I am a Girl Club at lunch time.
Thursday: Honour Band at Lunch; Mr. Castrillo’s class at  to Taekwondo at 1pm; Earthquake Drill at 2:40
Friday: Running Club at Lunch


What’s Happening: March 3rd – 7th

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Pink Shirt Day Assembly
Pink Shirt Day Assembly

What a busy week we had!  And it was only four days long!  We had a great assembly for Pink Shirt Day on Wednesday, The Reading Link Challenge on Thursday, and on Friday I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of happy birthday wishes from the students and staff. Even though my birthday on Feb. 29th, and there isn’t one this year, everyone has treated me royally as I turn the big 5-0!

Reading Link Challenge
Reading Link Challenge

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First Nations Drumming
First Nations Drumming

A Surprise Party!

Here is what’s happening next week:

Monday: Girls’ Basketball Practice at lunch. Booster Juice Orders due.
Tuesday: Maple Sugar Workshop for French Immersion; Girls’ Basketball game after school at Brackendale.
Wednesday: Because I am a Girl Club at lunch.
Thursday: TBA
Friday: Running Club at Lunch; Report Cards go home.

What’s Happening Feb. 24th – 28th

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It was quite the week here at Squamish Elementary.  It was One Hundred Day in kindergarten, there was Olympic Madness all week, and we had our closing Ceremonies Friday, after watching the Mens’ Hockey game against the USA in the gym. We are looking forward to a quieter week ahead as teachers are finishing up assessments and writing report cards.

Tuesday: HOT LUNCH; Mrs. Binning/Hadfield’s kindergartens walking to the Seniors’ Centre after lunch; Boys’ Bball practice at lunch; Girls’ Basketball game after school, here at school.
Wednesday: PINK SHIRT DAY, Assembly at 11 am; Girls’ Bball practice at lunch.
Thursday: Honour Band and Because I am a Girl Club at lunch; Boys’ Bball game after school.
Friday: Running and knitting clubs at lunch; Lockdown Drill at 1 pm.

What’s Happening Feb. 17th – 21st

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IMG_2058[1]IMG_2062[1] IMG_2055[1]

Olympic Moments


Scenes from Theatre Sports Thursday Afternoon

Monday:  Girls’ Bball practice at lunch

Tuesday: Squamish Olympics 11 – 11:30; Girls’ Bball game after school.

Wednesday: Girls’ Bball at lunch

Thursday: Honour Band at Lunch; Boys’ Ball game after school

Friday: Boys’ Bball at lunch; Running and Knitting Clubs at Lunch; Squamish Olympics Closing Ceremony 1:00 pm.

Reminder:  Monday, Feb. 24th is a Professional Day.  School not in session.

Please be on time for school!  Instruction starts at 8:55 am. Thank you!