Visible Learning

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Literacy stations with Mrs. Drinovz and Mrs. Lapointe


These graffiti-style “tags” were created with reused Styrofoam. The students learned a print-making technique to engrave and print a symbol that represents themselves. This art project is a part of our cross-curricular unit learning about the environment and our efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Students from Mme. lazar’s K/1 class make self portraits and examine caterpillar’s


Students from Mr Catrillo’s class working with grade 12 students in Mrs. Schenk’s class in the drafting room working with the 3D printer creating plans for our re designed library.

These art projects, created by the students in Mme. Farstad and Mme. Verbeek’s classes, are inspired by our work “thinking with” Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas, author and artist of Le vol du colibri (Flight of the Hummingbird). This legend sparked the beginning of our integrated unit studying environmental protection. The story challenges readers to be like the hummingbird in the story and do whatever they can to help preserve the environment. Our classes received Yahgulanaas’ permission prior to engaging in this art project.

The students in Mme. Verbeek and Mme. Farstad’s classes have been working on a classroom waste reduction project. The project began with measuring the volume of the garbage, recycling, and compost bins by filling up each bin with one litre of water at a time and marking each litre on the bins. Each day, students measured each type of waste in our classroom and tracked it on a chart. During litterless lunch week, the students were challenged to minimize the amount of garbage the classes created. The students succeeded in reducing all types of waste and by the end of the week, the class was generating only half a litre of garbage per day in each class. Way to go!

Rubik’s cube competition at lunch

Primary students doing some spring gardening!

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Grade 1/2 classes enjoy a field trip to the Sea to Sky Gondola


Mrs. Wagner’s class performs puppet shows for classmates and parents

Grade 1/2 classes practice for the primary music concert

Reading Link Challenge

Mr. Castrillo/Drinovz class re-designing the library.

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Borax crystal experiment in Mrs. Hoyrup’s class.


Science World comes to SQE for some authentic learning about force.


SQE students perform Aladdin at Eagle Eye Theatre


Michael Bortolotto Inspirational Presentation

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100 days of school… Si j’avais 100 ans (If I was a 100 years old)


SQE grade 3’s and 4’s compete in an epic game of “Fort Knox” on a sunny day in February.


The winners of the Marshmallow Challenge form Mr. Parker’s Class.










Students in Mr. and Mrs. Parkers classes collaborating to experiment and build electrical circuits.


Shapes, Symmetry and Design with Mme. Gregoire.


All 4 grade 1/2 classes getting together to play math games in the gym.


Roots of Empathy with Mrs. Mackenzie and Mrs. Parkers class.


Cross Country skiing at Callahan.

Students making crepes during Carnaval