December 15th – 19th


Christmas13 010

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Monday: Miller/G.E. class curling 9:45 – 11:45
Tuesday: Dress Rehearsal for the K-4 Christmas Concert 9:15 am.
Wednesday: HAT DAY! Bring a loonie to wear a festive Santa hat, elf hat, reindeer antlers…. Proceeds to Food Bank; Castrillo curling at 12:45; Christmas Concert at 6:30 pm for K – 4 students.
Thursday: Dress Rehearsal at 9:15am for Band Concert. Because I am a Girl at lunch.  Band Concert at 6:30 pm.
Friday: HOT LUNCH! Jingle Bell Running Club – weather permitting! Last Day of School. See you next year: January 5th, 2015

What’s Happening December 8th – 12th

Hello everyone!  We hope you were able to pick up your poinsettias at The FARM tonight.  It is 2 – 7 pm.

Here is what’s happening next week:

Monday:  School Planning Council Meeting (SPC) at 2pm with Mrs. Paxton to discuss the school improvement plan.  Any interested parents are welcome to attend.
Tuesday: Student Forum Meeting at 2:30 pm.
Wednesday: Why not sponsor a lunchtime club? Cribbage?  Crochet?  Cricket? 
Thursday: Mrs. Paxton and Mrs. Reed at Principal’s Meeting. (no Because I am a Girl today – sorry)
Friday: Mr. Parker’s Class to Smoke Bluffs with HSSS Outdoor Leadership; Running Club at Lunch

Mrs. Paxton is still hoping some parents will volunteer for an Emergency Preparedness Committee. Please email her at

Concerts and Dress Rehearsals Next Week:
K-4 Dress Rehearsal: Tuesday, Dec. 16th at 9:15
K-4 Concert: Wednesday, Dec. 17th at 6:30 pm. It will be under an hour. Please be prepared to stay until the end as the children will come back fro a grand finale. Then they will go back to their classrooms where you can pick them up.
Grade 5/6 Band Dress Rehearsal: Thursday, Dec. 18th at 9:15.
Grade 5/6 Band Concert: Thursday, Dec. 18th at 6:30 pm.

Parents are welcome to attend the dress rehearsals, but there will be limited seating as the students will be the main audience. If you have questions, please call us.

A Pet Shop in Mrs. Lapointe's Class

A Pet Shop in Mrs. Lapointe’s Class

A Very Tall Tower

A Very Tall Tower

A Very Small Santa

A Very Small Santa

December 1st – 5th

Many thanks to all of the parents who came to our Writing Day on Friday!  Thanks also to those who worked so hard to organize our students’ Hot Lunch!  They loved it!


Monday:  Evening DPAC meeting here at Squamish Elementary School – will check on time.

Tuesday: Parents – Why not sponsor a club at lunch?! You’ll have fun! Book to Movie Club meetings in library:  recess gr. 3/4, lunch grade 5/6.

Wednesday: Ms. Miller/Georgie-Embree’s class curling 12:45 – 2:45

Thursday: Because I Am A Girl at lunchtime in room 207

Friday: Running Club at lunch; pick up your poinsettia’s at The Farm between 2 and 7 pm. See the Principal’s Blog for more photos from this week.

Nov. 24th – 28th

Monday: Have you sent in your child’s comfort kit yet?
Tuesday: Could you volunteer for the Hot Lunch on Friday? Call us!
Wednesday: Would you like to lead a lunchtime club? Arts? Crafts? Knitting? Chess? Reading? Science? Fitness?  Yoga? Call us! Early Dismissal for conferences with teachers, 2 pm.  Call the office to book your appointment.
Thursday: Because I am a Girl at lunch; Early Dismissal for conferences with teachers, 2 pm.  Call the office to book your appointment.
Friday: Writing Day! Come and write letters with us – 9:15 – 10:15 am. Canada Post will be here with stamps. Running Club at Lunch. HOT LUNCH! Grade 5/6 French Immersion classes to swimming pool in the afternoon.


November 17th – 21st

Fire Safety with Fireman Kyle

Fire Safety with Fireman Kyle

Monday: Have you brought your comfort kit in?
Tuesday: Photo Retake Day
Thursday: Because I am a Girl at lunchtime
Friday: Running Club at lunch; Report Cards issued at dismissal.

Conferences with teachers will take place on Wed. 26th and 27th (EARLY DISMISSAL 2 pm!) Please call the office to make your appointment. 604-892-9307

What’s Happening Nov. 3rd – 7th

IMG_3165[1]  IMG_3162[1]  IMG_3157[1]

IMG_3159[1]  IMG_3167[1]  IMG_3168[1]

Congratulations to Rylee Kennedy who won the Family Dinner!
Photo Orders are Due on Thursday!
Check out the Principal’s Blog for some Cross Country Photos!

Tuesday: POPCORN DAY $1
Wednesday: Because I am a Girl Club at Long Recess in Room 207
Thursday: Remembrance Day Assembly 9:10 am; Fire Safety Assembly for grade 1-3’s from 2 – 3 pm.
Friday: Professional Day – no school!